2016 Highlights & The Year Ahead

Thank You!

We would firstly like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and supporters for all your brilliant help and fundraising efforts for 2016. Indreni has passed some significant milestones after a number of setbacks and challenges in recent years (namely the 2015 earthquake) but we have been able to persevere and bring positive change regardless of the difficult surrounding circumstances – so we are delighted to share with you the successes that we’ve achieved and enabled, the positive progress and impactful results which, without your support would not have been possible.

2016 Highlights: A Brief Overview

We raised €59,000 in 2015/2016. Every penny of that money you’ve contributed and raised has been put into the efforts below:
  • New Earthquake proof Indreni Homes – The building of the first Indreni home was completed in 2016, providing new more modern and spacious living conditions for the children with a second to be built in 2017. This has been made possible by the great support of our partner Swiss charity Help for Hope. The really great thing is it means all the children will be based in the one location as both houses will be right beside each other and nearer again to the school thus making a huge difference to the quality of life of the children and greatly increase operational efficiency. Once completed a major running cost will be removed in the rent we have to pay. This is another very big step towards one of our major goals which is making Indreni as self sustainable as possible.
  • Rebuilt the School – Both the Swhet Barahi School and the Simthali mountain village school were rebuilt after being very badly damaged in the earthquake. There are now 350 students in our Kathmandu school and 156 students in our village school. The new modern toilet facilities for the girls in the mountain village school is something we are very pleased about.
  • Provided Teaching Materials to Makayuni School in Africa – working with our sister charity Sahayata, Indreni was able to provide invaluable school teaching materials for the students. Vegetable Garden and Chicken farm – both continue to thrive and provide food and revenue.
  • The School Bus we purchased has now been paid in full –  It cost 17k originally and was financed with a bank loan which we serviced through the school. As well as our school the bus services two other schools in the area and through the ticket fees from this generates a profit and an extra revenue stream for the school.
  • The Simthali mountain village school rebuilding project has been seriously hampered by both weather conditions and also fuel shortage from the aforementioned border dispute with India but has been has now been completed. The school now has 150 students and we are in particular very pleased with the new modern girls toilets.
  • The Indreni vegetable farm and chicken farm have been more productive than ever this year with the added help of the children and is producing excess food that can be sold as a extra revenue stream for the running of the homes.
  • We continue to support special needs project in Kathmandu where the purpose built home and therapy centre for the children has now been completed. For further details please check out http://www.ourbetterworld.org/story/place-they-can-call-home
  • We have successfully completed the building of the kindergarten as part of the Shwet Barahi school in Kathmandu. The school is now at full capacity with 350 students and in 2017 will become a self sustainable entity in its own right with an ever increasing reputation in the local community.
  • Our three eldest children, Rabin, Gelu and Swasthani have all successfully moved out of the home and are attending University. Rabin, who was the first child taken in by Indreni nearly 10 years ago is also teaching Maths part time in the Shwet Barahi School. He also goes to the home twice each week to help the younger children with their studies. Three more of our kids will start third level next year with two doing hotel management and one doing social studies. That means all 6 of our eldest children have done well enough to get into third level. While it is possibly unrealistic to expect all 50 of the children we provide full care for to achieve this, it is an incredible success rate nonetheless given where they’ve come from and a great reflection on the phenomenal work of our staff on the ground in Kathmandu.
  • While Nepal is our primary focus, in March we also made a 3k donation to a school in remote Tanzania near the Ngorongoro Crater in Africa. This was a request from our German charity partner Sahayata who have taken it on as an extra project in tandem with our work in Nepal.
  • The 5k donation for the rebuilding and solar panel projection in Rowaling (remote Sherpa village near Tibetan border) has been used to great effect. The rebuilding of the homes post earthquake is almost complete and the solar panels are making a huge difference to their quality of life.
  • Cycle Around Ireland – Last August our team of 4 cyclists and 9 support crew members raced around Ireland non stop – helping raise €6,000 in the process!

2017 – The Year Ahead

In February we will have a group of 15 travel out to Katmandu from Ireland. In the group, led by Ian Kingston, we will have teenagers in the transition year, nurses, a youth worker (who will run workshops with the children) and a professional photographer who will document overall progress as well as all the different elements of such a unique experience for the visitors. The groups focus will be to help out in the home and schools and help with the building work of the second home and visit the different Indreni projects. We look forward to updating you all on how their trip went in March.