A Perspective of a Parent-Child Trip to Nepal

I met with Kevin O’Sullivan, CEO of Accounting Firm, Swan O Sullivan, to discuss his experience with Indreni and was greeted by a man who is incredibly thankful of the impact Indreni has had on his life.

“It just blew my mind. As soon as I got off the plane it was just an infusion of senses and emotion. When you come from my world, which is the accountancy world, where everything has to fit into a box, [arriving in Nepal] is mind blowing!”

Kevin was introduced to Indreni by his friend Ian Kingston, who’s been involved with the organisation for a number of years. Kevin’s first trip out to Indreni was with his son, on a mission to deepen their relationship and experience life outside of busy Dublin City. They embarked on a Parent-Child Trip, facilitated by Ian. He speaks fondly of the experience of seeing Nepal and the Indreni Schools and Homes with his son, explaining that being surrounded by people who have so little allows “the barriers to come down” between them.

In awe of Ram Hari, Indreni’s Founder, and all positive impact he makes on the world, Kevin describes Ram Hari as a “man who needs nothing except the clothes on his back and the help of strangers” to fulfil his life’s mission of helping children in need.

Kevin spoke to me about how Ian Kingston facilitated growth on this trip, explaining that he and his son, Zach, had previously partaken in a Father and Son course with Ian and that they were excited and nervous to delve into the unknown on this overseas trip. He described how Ian would often separate the parents and children into different groups, keeping everybody busy with activities around the schools and homes, which allowed everyone to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people. By doing this, both the parent and child got to view each other outside of their normal roles; seeing how they interact with others in an unfamiliar environment. After seeing how Zach’s confidence grew on the trip, Kevin happily sent Zach on another trip by himself the next year.

Finally, I asked Kevin to summarise the impact Indreni has had on his life, which he responded to immediately with “to be a part of simple projects like getting iPads or computers, or going out into the world and asking people for help, or just saying that you’re part of something has brought an awful lot of goodness to life and my heart and my family.”



Written by Sarah Morgan.