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On the 18th of February, a group of 18 travelled to Kathmandu from Ireland. In the group, led by Ian Kingston, we have a mix of adults and teenagers, including nurses, a youth worker (who will run workshops with the children) and a couple of professional photographers who will document overall progress as well as all the different elements of such a unique experience for the visitors.

The group will help out in the home and schools and will assist with the building work of the second home and visit the different Indreni projects.

Staying in Kathmandu, the group will travel to the school and homes each day to mix with our children, while carrying out repairs and upgrades to both the school and our new homes.

They will observe the great work being done on the ground by Ram Hari and his team and get a better understanding of where we can best support future projects.

We will visit our school project in a mountain village Simthali, which was totally decimated during the recent earthquakes. Staying overnight in the mountains, we will meet with the village elders to discuss how we can best support their efforts to enhance the school and educational offering going forward.

A single grain of sand can tip the scale. Even just one kind soul can indeed make a difference. Be the grain that tips the scale towards the alleviation of poverty in Nepal and its Children.

Help them get the proper medical and health-care, education and home they so sorely need.

Make a difference.