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Exciting Times for Indreni

Really exciting things happening here at Indreni.  Apologies for the delay in giving an update, but we have lots for you now! Included are some really exciting bits of news which has taken until this week to come to fruition.

Indreni Schools Update

Ram Hari completed a deal on 5th August to purchase land for a NEW SCHOOL in Sundarijal. The land and school building is being funded by Nuetec Ltd. The project should be complete within 24 months. We currently cater for 440 children in our school,the new school will cater for up to 1000 children.

Nuetec Ltd., have committed to fund the purchase of land as well as the building of the school and finishing the building of our second home!

Indreni Children Update

Our goal is to provide care, love, and education to our children, to allow them to become fully functioning independent members of society.

There are currently 68 children in the two homes and they are thriving, thanks to the amazing care from Ram Hari and his team on the ground.

Seventeen of our children are currently attending further education . We have children studying biotechnology, agriculture,IT, business, hotel management, cooking,and vocational training in trades.

Our goal to develop independent young adults is being realised with seven of the original members of the home now working and living independently of Indreni. 

Another first for Indreni when Sirjanna, who graduated from the Rokpa cookery school, married a fellow graduate.

Indreni Childrens’ Homes Update

Work commenced last week on completing the second home. Neutec Ltd. appointed a building contractor and  work should be completed in January, just in time for our visiting groups to paint and clean the site!

This means that we will have two homes mortgage free ,side by side. This will allow for easy segregation of boys and girls ,as well as easing cooking ,study and extra curricular activities.

A big shout out to the O’Callaghan family of Kilmacanogue for their contribution to the volunteer home in the mountain. It is now fully functioning and provided shelter for Salesforce and the Leadership group.

The home will be a base for kids graduating from our home to go and spend time teaching in the mountain school and learning to live independently.The first two graduates have successfully completed three months between finishing school and starting third level.

Indreni Nepal Visits

Salesforce Group
Sally Kingston led an extremely successful group from Salesforce in February. The group made a huge impact on the children ,spending time playing ,singing and painting in the childrens home, ably assisted by Julie Coleman, Momma Jules to those on Feb 2018 trip.

The group also trekked to the mountain school in Simthali and stayed in the volunteer home, having worked on clearing some of our fruit plantation. The money raised by Salesforce allowed us to commit to employing a cook to prepare a hot meal daily for the children in the mountain school.

John Scottus School

Timothy Telford, TY coordinator for John Scottus,led a group of three teachers and ten students on a three week excursion in February. Staying near our home in Sundarijal,the group worked with our children and thought in the school,bringing the latest teaching techniques to our teachers and children. You can view all photographs from John Scottus website here.

The pilot was a great success and plans are well advanced for next years trip. 

Leadership Group
We had a group of  business leaders visit for a week in May. The group  painted the school in Sundarjal , took the children shopping,trekked to Simthali, cycled the highways and byways of Kathmandu and generally made a positive impact on the children and staff of the homes and schools.

There will be another Leadership Experience in May 2020 for a week.


We had our first full audit in June and were notified last week that we had passed with flying colours, a big shout out to Kevin O’Sullivan and his team at Swan O’Sullivan, we are squeaky clean and ready for action.

Upcoming Trips

Salesforce have a group visiting in October for a week to work on the home and experience Indreni in action.A Volunteer group of 14 parents and children will visit in October for a week, going to both schools.Sally has filled another group from Salesforce to travel in February for a week.Bernadette and Brendan Murphy from Cork plan to spend Six weeks working with Indreni, starting in early January.John Sottus will spend three weeks between Sundarijal and Simthali from the end of January.There will be a Leadership Experience in May 2020 for a week.
Monthly Donors
The life blood of our support ,thank you for your continued support.

Busy times for Indreni!
Your support is vital and so much appreciated.
We will keep you up to date more frequently going forward. Much love and many many thanks from all here at Indreni!