Indreni Progress – 2019 Update

As we approach the end of the decade, I am delighted to report on amazing progress at Indreni.

Time to wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year and to thank you most sincerely for your help and support.

How time has flown since Keith Molony first met Ram Hari in 2007. From the humble beginnings of renting space to cater for six children, we now have two homes catering for 70 children, and we are in the process of building a school to serve 1000 children. We have a volunteer home and fruit plantation in the mountain region of Simthali, helping to support a remote school with 150 students, educating and physically nourishing the children.

We have witnessed our children grow to get married, become teachers, programmers, hotel workers, musicians and health workers, independently living in Nepal, Korea, Dubai and China.

The dream of nurturing, nourishing and educating the most vulnerable children to become independent, contributing members of society, continues to become a reality.

We are firing ahead on all fronts, child development, homes, new school, volunteer activities and corporate support, so hear is a brief summary….


 Ram Hari and his team in Nepal have been doing fantastic work and our children are really reaping the benefits of the loving environment being provided  in both homes, I have attached an update on the children who are now graduating to vocational, college and university education as they move towards, and in most cases, have become independent  of Indreni care. It is inspiring to see the children grow into independent contributing members of society. The graduates provide inspiration and example for the younger generation and it is evident that application and the aspirations increase exponentially as the older children successfully leave our care.

Our reputation is growing too the extent that government agencies regularly refer children to our care. Ram Hari is running a very tight ship and children are actively developed to be independent and move on to make room for the next vulnerable child.

We have included an update on 21 of our eldest children who are about to graduate from Indreni through University, College, Vocational Training and full time work.

Click Here to Read their Updated Bios in their Own Words

YOUR support is hugely appreciated.


Our second home is nearing completion, right next to our existing home, and we expect to move the children in during January. This will allow us to cater for 70 children, separating the boys and girls between both homes. Logistically it will now be easier to administer the houses and supervision and cooking become easier, and of course we save on rent!

We will spend some money on decent flooring and erecting proper boundary walls, purchasing new bedding and furnishing and on painting the new home and redecorating the older home.

Lots of wok to be done and hugely exciting.


We are a week away from completing the purchase of the land for our new school, all but a small amount of money has changed hands and the paperwork is near completion. The contractor who is building our second home is the front runner to build the school.

We hope to be moving in by mid-2021 to a modern school catering for up to 1000 children. The school will be built in the same area as our homes, less than a five-minute stroll for the kids.

Exciting times!


Cathy Mooney led a group from Salesforce Dublin to Nepal in October. The group were hugely popular with the children and their fundraising activities allowed us to put swings and slides in the kindergarden area of the school.

We had a volunteer group of parents and children visit for a week in October, what a group, what a trip!

The group got to know the children through song, dance, painting, eating, playing and shopping together. The visit included a hike to Simthali to see our fruit plantation, stay in our volunteer home and meet the children of the school in the mountain. A full-on week with friendships for life being forged and experiences never to be forgotten.

The money raised by the group allows us to purchase wooden flooring and erect the boundary wall for the new home.

John Scottus school TY year will travel for three weeks in January. The group consisting of 10 girls, 5 boys and 3 teachers will work a programme of teaching English and maths to our children with a series of workshops for our teachers. This is our second year hosting a group and it is a hugely exciting development for us, a big shout out to Timothy Telford, TY coordinator extraordinaire!

Rosemary and Brendan from Cork are all jabbed up and ready to travel to Nepal for six weeks from January 14th,Rosemary will be bringing her years of teaching experience, and she will have able assistance and  assistants in Leah and Roisin, who are going to volunteer for a month from January 4th. Leah was with the Volunteer group in October and then convinced her best pal to come volunteer for the month of January. Brendan is bringing his hammer and paint brush; he’s going to be busy!

Sally Kingston is leading a group from Salesforce London in February, we aim to work on our volunteer home in Simthali, the mountain village. This group are already actively fund raising for what promises to be a great trip.

May will see a Leadership Group visit for a week of activity with the children in the homes and the schools.

The October midterm will see a volunteer group of parents and children finish off our 2020 activities.


Stellfox recruitment have been supporting Indreni since 2008. Their support in the beginning was crucial to getting to organization going and without their support Indreni would not be the force of good that it is today. The help from Stelfox allows us to support the school in the mountain by paying for teachers and helps with the upkeep of our volunteer home.

The Broadlake group of businesses including TTM Healthcare and 2468 group have been an incredible support since 2018. Their efforts through cycling events and coffee mornings as well as supporting trips means that we can cover the running costs of both homes on a monthly basis. This is truly a phenomenal contribution that allows us to concentrate on giving the best care to our children. Thanks to Pete, Brian and Donal for visiting Nepal and for then taking Indreni to heart and allowing people like John Oppie , Rory , Carmel and Paula to get behind raising money.

Citco have donated over 30 laptops this year, Brian Moran has been massively supportive in coordinating the efforts in Citco since visiting in May last year, and his continued drive is hugely valued and appreciated.

Thank You all again! Bring on 2020…


  • Sally has filled another group from Salesforce to travel in February for a week.
  • Rosemary and Brendan Murphy from Cork plan to spend Six weeks working with Indreni, starting 14th of January.
  • Leah & Roisin are volunteering in the homes & schools from 3rd of January for 1 month
  • John Scottus will spend three weeks between Sundarijal and Simthali from the end of January.
  • There will be a Leadership Experience in May 2020 for a week.
  • The October midterm will see a volunteer group of parents and children visiting Nepal


Stelfox were our first corporate sponsor and continue to be a fantastic support, for which we are most grateful.

The BROADLAKE family of businesses has provided, monetary, physical and emotional support over the last two years that have allowed us to grow and develop to meet our wildest dreams.

2468 Group are a major sponsor. They raised a massive €25K for Indreni in inaugural 2468 Cycle Challenge in August. Ian Kingston and Kevin O’ Sullivan cycled with Jon, Carmel, Kevin, Rory, Donal and Chris from 2468 Group, from Basingstoke, outside London, to Dunboyne Co Meath, completing roughly 600km!

Salesforce is quietly becoming a significant supporter, Sally Kingston’s group in Feb raised over €10k, allowing us to commit to providing a hot meal daily for our children in the school up the mountain in Simthali. This has led to another group, led by Cathy Mooney from Salesforce Dublin to visit the Children in October, leading to the installation of swings and skids in the school playground

TTM Healthcare is a major sponsor, who also supported our cycle event with a coffee morning.