Indreni's 2015 Summary

I hope 2016 is proving to be a great year so far for you all. The board and I would just to give everyone an overview of what your support made possible in 2015 and new developments and projects we are supporting in 2016.

Indreni’s 2015 Summary

I hope 2016 is proving to be a great year so far for you all. The board and I would just to give everyone an overview of what your support made possible in 2015 and new developments and projects we are supporting in 2016.

Despite the tragedy of the earthquake that struck on the 25th of April and the second one that followed soon after, 2015 was a very progressive year for Indreni and collectively we can be very proud of all that has been achieved. We ended the year on a very positive note with the trip to Nepal and the multitude of unexpected positive outcomes that resulted from it.

I’d just like to acknowledge once again the great success of our Strictly Come Dancing fundraiser from which we raised over 40,000Euro. We also successfully brought 21 people over to help with painting and rebuilding work of the Shwet Barahi school. While we were unable to get to the mountain village because of the very bad road conditions a number of the teachers and village elders came down to meet us and express their gratitude as well as show us photos of the work that is being done to rebuild their school.

A big shout out to Ian for being the main driving force behind both of these. A special mention must also be given to Aisling for her bravery and commitment as Ian’s (aka Aladdin) dance partner. Thanks also to Phil for putting his Padstow Holiday House up as an auction prize. The loveliest couple and two of our best long term supporters got it which they’re delighted about.

One of the many positive outcomes from the trip itself is 3 more teachers are now being sponsored. The impact this will have on the quality of education we can provide cannot be underestimated and the great thing about this is it happened spontaneously with 3 of the individuals in the group approaching Ian and asking to do it. The teacher in Shwet Barahi is Rabin who was the first child we took under our care as a 10 year old. He is currently top of his class in University where he has switched to night study to finish his degree so he can teach during the day. He was the first child we sponsored 8 years ago so it’s a great example of the ability Indreni has to change young lives for the better and in a way that is inspirational to all the children.

The mountain village school is being completely rebuilt with Friends of Indreni providing $22,000 as well as with our support and in particular the funds raised by Trish earlier in the year with her run in Paris. It should be fully operational by the end of February.

The Shwet Barahi School is now fully operational and looking great after it’s new coat of paint and two additional rooms to house the kindergarten children. The vegetable garden is also thriving once more and the chicken farm building has been rebuilt and will be fully stocked again by month end.

Ram Hari has realised his dream of having two homes built that will be completely owned by Indreni. The first one should be completed by the end of January. This has been made possible by the very generous support of Help for Hope and the Swiss Rotary club who have partnered with us a number of times but this is by far the biggest contribution they have made and very much reflective of their belief in Ram Hari and the Indreni and the work we are doing.

Thanks to the great success of our fundraiser we have also been able to take on new projects. An example of this already is the project we visited while in Kathmandu and have now committed to support and their website is Ram Hari, Bobbie, Ian and I visited this custom built hostel and school. It really is an incredible thing the man has done and is doing. I would definitely encourage everyone to read the attached article describing all he has achieved. A second project we have undertaken to support in is conjunction with Ascent Himalayas. Their founders Mingma and Pasang Tsering has summited Everest and incredible 26 times between them. Their village was destroyed after the second earthquake in May last year and they recently visited Ireland to raise awareness and funds to rebuild the village school and a solar project to provide electricity for the whole village.

We’ll have further details on both these projects as well as an update on all the ongoing work with the schools and children in Kathmandu in the months ahead as well our next planned trip in October. I hope for now this gives you some sense of the hugely positive and transformative impact your help and support is having on the lives on so many people.

Thank You again to you all! Your continued support of Indreni allowed us reach last year’s goals and is laying the foundation for our most impactful year yet in 2016!

Best Wishes,
The Indreni Ireland Board