Our Schools

We believe that education is the means to freedom for our children. The challenge is to provide quality, affordable and accessible education to those that are most vulnerable.

By providing a school with facilities including food, transport and toilets, we hope to give the opportunity of an education to children who would otherwise not receive one. Typically, young girls who reach puberty stop going to school because of the lack basic toilet facilities.

By providing a simple thing like separate toilet facilities we ensure that more young teenage girls continue with school in rural areas.

Teaching our children English will give them a huge advantage as they progress through their schooling and mature into the workforce.




Shwet Barati School

The school is a great success story having been transformed from what was previously a run down series of sheds.

We now have over 500 children in the school. This includes a kindergarten for pre Schoolers. We have hired a number of new teachers which has really helped improve the level of education. Rajendra, our Principal, is doing a great job.

We also invested in a big yellow school bus which services two schools thus allowing us generate extra income for the school once the loan is paid off.

The increased reputation of the school in the local community has meant a swift increase in numbers. We have also put in a basketball court and have funded a new computer room, science lab and library.

Mountain School Simthali

Located in the hills, roughly 70km from Kathmandu, the school is 6 –hour trek by off road jeep and then 1km walk. It is fairly remote and beautiful, catering for the children of homes scattered around the mountain side.

The School was totally destroyed in the recent earthquakes. It’s been rebuilt with the help from Friends of Indreni US among others. We sponsor teachers in the school as well as providing school materials, school books, and school bags for 200 students.

Since February 2020 A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE supports our activities in improving the education quality (hiring an English teacher, providing school lunch, installing a library, providing school supplies and school uniforms, installing a play room). Since October 2021 A Bleistift FOR EVERYONE is our main partner for Moutain School Simthali.

New School Development