Philip in Race around Ireland

Philip’s Non-Stop Cycle Race around Ireland

Philip Culbert is on his final day competing in a non-stop cycle race around Ireland. He’s raising much needed funds for Indreni. This competition – ‘Race Around Ireland’ is on another level. The race is considered to be the toughest endurance race in Europe and competitors have flown from the UK, Monaco and Germany to take part in this absolutely mammoth cycle.

They say the preparation both physically and mentally is the most difficult part of this gruelling challenge but I’m sure cycling pretty much non-stop around Ireland covering 2,150km in five days is hardly a walk in the park!

What is ‘Race around Ireland’?

‘Race Around Ireland’ is an annual event for seriously dedicated cyclists and their crew. Some cycle in teams of two, four or eight people. As Philip is cycling solo he has been pushing himself to cycle up to 23 hours a day for five consecutive days. It is non-stop and so each cyclist is required to have at least three support crew but more is advised. Philip’s crew have been keeping everyone up to date and you can check out ‘Culbert Endurance Cycle’ on facebook for video and photo updates. Philip has been cycling in the pitch black of night, in the rain and the wind and not that often the sun. One thing he hasn’t experienced for any length of time, is a rest. He finishes today and we wish him and his crew a safe and restful end to the day.

Just this morning we saw video footage of Philip climbing St. Patrick’s Hill. He is nearly finished and is in strong position to take second place.  Thank you Philip for all your legwork. It is absolutely incredible. Can you help Philip reach his goal of raising €2,200 for a girl’s school with Indreni? Simply click on the link here and mention Philip Culbert and/or Race Around Ireland when you donate. 100% of your donation goes straight to where it is needed. Thanks!

Philip’s dedicated crew and fanbase above!