Indreni Projects

Sustainability Initiatives & Other Funded Projects

Sustainability Inititatives

School Bus

The School Bus we purchased has now been paid in full – It cost 17k originally and was financed with a bank loan which we serviced through the school. As well as our school the bus services two other schools in the area and through the ticket fees from this generates a profit and an extra revenue stream for the school.

Vegetable & Chicken Farm

The Indreni vegetable farm and chicken farm have been more productive than ever this year with the added help of the children and is producing excess food that can be sold as an extra revenue stream for the running of the homes.

Fruits, Nuts & Figs

We have a sponsor to plant the land around Ram Hari house in the mountains, this will give local employment as well as allowing for self-sufficiency in fruit, nuts and figs, eventually leading to commercial enterprise.

Other Projects

Yoga Floor

Purchased €2500 worth of yoga floor covering for Indreni Home

School Bags

Purchase of 200 schoolbags for the village school.


Committed to fund another teacher in village school.

Volunteer Home

Funding the building of Volunteer home in village.