Providing A Brighter Future For 50 Underprivileged Children

Providing A Brighter Future For 50 Underprivileged Children


The only thing that makes the world go round is love. If you are born into a country where you have everything you need, it is just sheer luck. Some children were born into poverty and lack of privilege by no fault of theirs. What matters is utilizing every opportunity to make the underprivileged children happy.


If you can’t do it directly, you can encourage and motivate those that have dedicated their lives to give a meaningful life to the less privileged children by supporting them financially and morally. A non-profit organization that has been contributing its quota in the service to humanity for some years is Indreni. The organization has been giving life to some less privileged children in Nepal.


Precisely, they currently have 50 Nepal children in their care. The ages of these children are from 4 to 14 years. Indreni is registered in Ireland, Switzerland and in Nepal. They also have some partner charity organizations like Sahayata in Germany and Friends of Indreni in California in the United States.


Some of the volunteers who run some of our operations in Nepal are those who enjoyed the same gesture. They have already dedicated their lives to the cause and they are doing an amazing job. One of them is Ram Hari Khadka.

Indreni plans to educate the children and raise them to the level that they can fend for themselves and also contribute to the society. However, they need your support and contribution to make the dream a reality. All they need from you is €50 a month.


Since they started, they have been able to raise three children, sent them to college and the children now fend for themselves. This motivates them further to raise more children but they need your contribution.


In the bid to raise more funds for the kids, Indreni has organized an initiative tagged “Racing Around Ireland”. 4 experienced cyclists will race around Ireland. They will race non-stop for exactly 2,150km. They have volunteered to participate in the event just to be able to raise funds for these underprivileged children.


Apart from financial contributions, there are several other ways through which you can contribute your quota in giving the children a better life so that they won’t have to suffer all their lives. They were born into it. They don’t deserve to remain in that condition.


We make sure they get enough English lessons as it will give them huge advantage as they progress through their schooling and mature into the workforce. They are open to allow volunteers to come and work with these children. A good number of volunteers have thought English, Yoga, music, Computer skills, drama, art and more.


You can go through the website to get more information about the initiative. These children are Nepalese whose parents do not have the means to support them in any way. They need love, education, medical care and most importantly they need to grow up armed with the tools with which they can be able to provide for themselves.


Currently, they live in a three storey building. They need a home to themselves so that the money for rent can be diverted to other projects. You can go through the website to check the names of the fifty children.


If people contribute to the cause, Indreni will like to raise more than just 50 children. Remember, for each amount you donate, you give live to 50 underprivileged children, you give happiness to them, you give education to them and most importantly, you put a big smile on their faces.


Without your donations, these children will grow up in poverty not being able to fend for themselves. That means the cycle of poverty will continue in another generation. Some of them may not even be lucky enough to become adults since there is little or no medical facility for them.


One touching story is that of Aishwarya and Melikysa, two of the children. Their father had sold his house to treat their mom. She has a brain disease. The man was not sure he could raise the children. His plight was brought to the attention of Mr. Ram Hari, the President of Indreni. He suggested the idea of taking the two girls to their home. The man gladly accepted after checking out the home. Fortunately, the children settled down quickly.


The three eldest children that have passed through this program are Rabin, Gelu and Swasthani. They have moved out of the home. It is very heartwarming to hear that the three of them are studying in the University now. Rabin is the eldest and he was taken in about a decade ago. He teaches Mathematics on a part time basis in one of the schools that Indreni has provided for the children. In addition, he also visits the home twice a week to help the children with their studies.


Another three kids are set to start third level next year. While it might not seem realistic for all the 50 children to get to this level, it is not impossible with your donations. All your donations will go to the kids.


In a summary, Indreni provides home, healthcare, education, college support and work support for the children. They can still do more with your support. The future of these children depends on you. All you need to do is to donate €50 a month. Each time you donate, you brighten the future of 50 underprivileged children.