The Children

Meet the children of the Indreni foundation in Nepal

Who are the Indreni children?

They are between the ages of 4 to 14 years, and the three story building is currently rented and shelters our 30 children under care.

The Indreni children: Malati Pariyar, Laxmni Pariyar, Rubina Guring, Sujita Shrestha, Pritiman Tamang, Ashma Gurung, Deeki Dolma Lama, Dawa Sang Lama, Pasang Tamang, Bikram Tamang, Sagar Tamang, Bikram Pariyar, Puja Tamnag, Umesh Sunar, Rupesh Sunar, Srijana Khadka, Manju Tamang, Deepa Magar, Khushi Lama, Karuna Khatri, Bishnu Devi Thapa, Narayan Thapa, Milan Tamang, Yubraj Chhetri, Sushma Shrestha, Manila K.C, Rabin Khadka, Gelu Tamang, Swasthani Mahat…

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Support for the Indreni Children

On the 18th of February, a group of 18 travelled to Kathmandu from Ireland. In the group, led by Ian Kingston, we have a mix of adults and teenagers, including nurses, a youth worker (who will run workshops with the...
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You can contribute to providing the children at Indreni with Food, Health, Shelter, and Education.


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2016 Highlights

Here's how you generous donations have helped during the past year.

Your money has helped refurbish the Indreni Home to provide much better living space for the young children.

After the catastrophic events of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal many of the local area was left in ruin. The Indreni School had suffered significant damage but thanks to your donations we were able to assist the local team in rebuilding the school and ensuring the students didn’t miss out on their education.

We were able to assist the Makayuni school by donating teaching materials such as school books, exercise books, pens, atlases as well as much needed photocopier for sharing the contents of already sparse textbooks amongst students.

The Indreni vegetable farm and chicken farm have been more productive than ever this year with the added help of the children and is producing excess food that can be sold as a extra revenue stream for the running of the homes.