Our Graduates

Who are the Indreni graduates?

Our three eldest children, Rabin, Gelu and Swasthani have all successfully moved out of the home and are attending University. Rabin, who was the first child taken in by Indreni nearly 10 years ago is also teaching Maths part time in the Shwet Barahi School. He also goes to the home twice each week to help the younger children with their studies. Three more of our kids will start third level next year with two doing hotel management and one doing social studies. That means all 6 of our eldest children have done well enough to get into third level. While it is possibly unrealistic to expect all 50 of the children we provide full care for to achieve this, it is an incredible success rate nonetheless given where they’ve come from and a great reflection on the phenomenal work of our staff on the ground in Kathmandu. We have included an update on 21 of our eldest children who are about to graduate from Indreni through University, College, Vocational Training and full time work.

Our Graduates in Their Own Words