International Foundation To Support Children In Nepal

To provide children in Nepal whose families are living in poverty and cannot support them, with quality education, healthcare and a loving home where they can develop and grow and be encouraged to reach their highest potential.

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You can contribute to providing the children at Indreni
with Food, Health, Shelter, and Education

The Indreni Vision

The Vision of Indreni is to create a positive and caring environment where every child in our care has the chance to enjoy their childhood; for them to grow with self-respect, self-esteem and dignity, and to develop to their full potential. The long-term aim is to bring lasting and permanent change to Nepali society through greater education and healthcare.

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Support for Children of Indreni 2017

On the 18th of February, a group of 18 travelled to Kathmandu from Ireland. In the group, led by Ian Kingston, we have a mix of adults and teenagers, including nurses, a youth worker (who will run workshops with the children) and a couple of professional photographers who will document overall progress as well as all the different elements of such a unique experience for the visitors. The group will help out in the home and schools and will assist with the building work of the second home and visit the different Indreni projects. Staying in Kathmandu, the group will...
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You Can Help

You can contribute to providing the children at Indreni with Food, Health, Shelter, and Education.

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Indreni is born out of the vision of its founders who have grown up and lived through childhood poverty and without family support directly in Nepal.

Indreni is the Nepalese word for rainbow, reflected in our logo and representative of the inclusive nature of the organization, helping children irrespective of their beliefs, culture, or country.

“Each colour has its own value and identification and when combined has a separate meaning with and a destination. Thus we consider each child as Indreni because they stay under the same roof and have their own values and destiny similar to that of a rainbow. Our home is a replication of a blissful rainbow.” Ram Hari Khadka, President of Indreni Children’s Home

Indreni children’s charity is a non-profit organization registered in Ireland, Switzerland and Nepal with partner charities Sahayata in Germany and Friends of Indreni in California. Ram hari Khadka and some the Neplaese staff who run our operations on the ground in Kathmandu have come from similar backgrounds to many of the children now in our care and in turn wish to dedicate their lives to helping others. They themselves are a shining example of how children can come through an organization like Indreni and positively effect change in their society. Their example is far reaching and has inspired a group of Individuals across the globe to help them help the children and grow Indreni to help as many children as possible in their quest to improve their society for the good of all.

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Because a picture is worth a thousand words, check our photo gallery of the Children and the Indreni foundation.

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Watch the video of the Daily Routine in Indreni House.

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Thank you

Indreni has supporters from all over the world and we would particularly like to thank the great support of our family and friends in Ireland, Christina of Indreni Switzerland, Maria and her great team at Friends of Indreni in the US, Adelheid Scheider in Germany and the great support we receive from Help for Hope. Thank you all and the many other great supporters we have that are making such a real difference to the lives of these children. We are particularly proud to be able to say that 100% of your donations continue to go directly to the charity and its projects on the ground in Nepal.