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About Indreni

Indreni was born out of the vision of its founders who have grown up and lived through childhood poverty and without family support directly in Nepal.

Indreni is the Nepalese word for rainbow, reflected in our logo and representative of the inclusive nature of the organization, helping children irrespective of their beliefs, culture, or country.

“Each colour has its own value and identification and when combined has a separate meaning with and a destination. Thus we consider each child as Indreni because they stay under the same roof and have their own values and destiny similar to that of a rainbow. Our home is a replication of a blissful rainbow.” Ram Hari Khadka, President of Indreni Children’s Home

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What We Do For Children

The children come of variety of backgrounds, from both rural and city catchment areas. Typically, their families are not in a position to support them and we look to fill that gap by providing quality care and education.


We provide the children with a loving home.


We provide the children with appropriate healthcare.


All children go through kindergarten, academic and practical education, as well as extracurricular activities like IT programmes, martial arts, drama, music, sports.

College Support

We provide support for the children that allows them to go to college.

Work Support

We also provide work Support such as network to restaurants, schools and other potential places of employment.

Our Projects

We have completed some amazing projects but we always have ongoing projects happening on the ground in Nepal.
Indreni Home #1
Completed! 100%
Indreni Home #2
Completed! 100%
Shwet Barahi School
Completed! 100%
Indreni Home #3
Completed! 100%
Mountain School Simthali
Completed! 100%
Building a New School
In Progress 65%
The Garden in Simthali
Schools Support